It seems that there is mounting liberal pressure from every corner of the nation to try to force Republicans out of the office without them being voted out.

It’s pretty sad, and it is just only going to get worse over the next few years I guarantee you.

It’s one of those things where at the end of the day we are going to have a liberal nightmare on our hands, but there won’t be any more Republicans in any kind of a position to step up to do anything about it.

The first woman to lead West Virginia’s Republican Party has just announced her immediate resignation. The GOP leader has cited a need to focus on her family as her reason for resigning.

Melody Potter, who was selected as West Virginia GOP Chairwoman in 2018, released a statement announcing her immediate resignation on the evening of Monday, January 11.

According to Ballotpedia, alongside her position as state GOP chairwoman, Potter is “the vice president of Tri-Star Coal Sales in Charleston, West Virginia. She is also a Sunday school teacher and small business owner.”

According to Potter, both of her parents suffered strokes in 2020, and now require constant care.

“Now, the time has come, that I must focus my attention on my family,” Potter said.

State GOP Co-Chairman Roman Stauffer will serve as acting chairman until a replacement can be selected.

“We thank Melody Potter for her decades of service to the West Virginia Republican Party. We have achieved tremendous success under her leadership. We are praying for her and encouraging West Virginians to pray for her as she cares for her parents. Today is about thanking Melody Potter for her service and accomplishments,” Stauffer stated.

Stauffer also shared the news on Twitter, writing: “I thank Melody Potter for her years of service to the @WVGOP. Please keep her in your prayers as she cares for her elderly parents. As Co-Chairman of the @WVGOP, I will serve as Acting Chairman until the @WVGOP State Committee selects a new Chairman.”

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