KAMALA Directly Linked To Dominion Voting Software!

People need to realize that the way that the election was rigged was a much more complex procedure than some might realize.

There is a chain of custody on this operation going back a mile long of people that were helping to fix this thing in favor of Joe Biden.

The problem for them is that they managed to leave a paper trail that is just about as long. Much in the way that you can tell that my wife and I stayed at a particular hotel a few years ago because the transaction is probably in our bank records somewhere, they didn’t exactly do the greatest job covering up their con.

A Dominion Voting Systems representative responsible for scanning ballots in Floyd County Georgia was employed by Kamala Harris just last year. Is this be a coincidence? Or something more sinister? This election keeps getting worse and worse.

Georgia is one of several battleground states where the Trump campaign is contesting the vote. Sidney Powell just dropped a massive lawsuit outlining her evidence of voter fraud. She’s demanding the vote be decertified in the state and she wants the Dominion voting machines impounded as evidence in a criminal investigation.

But it doesn’t end there. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that a Dominion employee who worked in Floyd County Georgia was also employed by the Kamala Harris campaign just last year. Aric Thompson was responsible for scanning ballots in the highly contested battleground state. He also worked as a photographer for Senator Kamala Harris in 2019.

A recount in Georgia turned up 3,000 uncounted votes in Floyd County, the same location where Aric Thompson was responsible for scanning ballots. Coincidence? Aric Thompson’s social media shows he is an outspoken critic of Trump, even calling the President a White supremacist. How original.

Earlier this month, the Board of Elections in Floyd County Georgia fired their Chief of Elections Clerk Robert Brady after officials found thousands of uncounted ballots. Dominion employee Aric Thompson was photographed scanning ballots with Robert Brady on the day of the election! This is just insane.

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