Homeland Security Announcement Just DESTROYED The Liberal Narrative!

Democrats would like you to think that a group of Trump supporters all got up one day and unannounced tried to storm the Capitol building.

If you won’t believe that they would like you to think that it was a mass planning effort where they all got together on a big Zoom call to figure out how they were going to break a few windows.

Yeah, they would like to believe that, but at the truth of it, there is a whole lot that they are getting totally wrong. For example, the fact that their were a  lot of liberal agitators among the group saying the right things that would get people angered enough to do something like that.

Democrats have been saturating the network media airwaves with dire warnings of a patriot uprising.

An announcement by the current boss of DHS just destroyed their narrative. According to Ken Cuccinelli, “there’s no specific credible threats at this point in time.” The barbarian invasion on January 6 had nothing at all to do with patriotic supporters of the Constitution and the final American President, Donald Trump.

The acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and effectively the top DHS official, Ken Cuccinelli, sat in on a briefing between alleged FBI Director Christopher Wray and current and final Vice President Mike Pence.

They don’t have anything solid but, just the same they’re expecting trouble when the New World Order takes charge and installs their Soros approved puppet government.

“There’s no specific credible threats at this point in time. There’s just this raised level of tension,” Cuccinelli admits. DHS is “raising our security level.” Not just in D.C., “we’re doing it across the country.”

Deep State minion and card carrying member of the Hillary Clinton fan club Chris Wray is worried about the “extensive amount of concerning online chatter.” Conservatives from coast-to-coast are angry and venting their frustration. They’re also not cooperating with their planted FBI handlers in social media to make any actual plans to take any action over it.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation is really hoping for a chance to have the National Guard start shooting deplorables. “We’re concerned about the potential for violence at multiple protests and rallies planned here in D.C. and in state capitols around the country.”

What Wray is worried about is that DHS can’t find anybody who seems willing to take the bait. Conservatives watched the way “Q-Anon” pushed an unstable group of barbarians into crossing the line and they’re not falling for it this time.

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