CIA Just Declassified THOUSANDS Of Top Secret Documents!

Having grown up in a military family and having spent time in the military myself, the idea of something being declassified is always an interesting proposition.

There are things that we all want to know but for some reason, the government just doesn’t want us to know about them. With Biden, you can get a lot more of that by the way. There’s gonna be a lot that he does over the next couple of years that he won’t want us knowing about.

Anyway, being transparent is always a good thing and when it all comes down to it, there are things that we just deserve to know.

If you are convinced that shape shifting “reptilians” from a distant corner of space and time are walking among us, you aren’t alone. The CIA just declassified almost 3,000 pages of hidden documents going back 70 years, or more.

The Senate Intelligence Committee headed by Marco Rubio, who voted against the election challenges like a traitor, “instructed the director of national intelligence, secretary of defense, and the heads of such other agencies” to submit the data in a rider attached to the massive intelligence authorization act. The documents were published publicly HERE at The Black Vault.

The government doesn’t call the craft which the undocumented interstellar aliens fly around in, “UFO’s,” they prefer the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The documents have notes about everything from mysterious explosions to alleged contact with aliens.

Daily Mail started sifting through the records and came up with couple interesting entries. They turned up a collection of what they call “perplexing, yet unverified” accounts. There are a bunch of stories about “mysterious disks tracking across the sky, spewing beams of light across small towns, causing explosions and even a few claims of military officers confronting aliens that come out of outlandish vehicles.”

A Swedish pilot and flight mechanic spotted a “completely unorthodox, metallic object.” It was flying at “the speed of sound” outside Stockholm. All the way back in 1953. More recently, in 1985, a “Russian airliner crew describes coming within 50 kilometers of a yellow disk that was shooting out beams of light.”

“Other documents,” they write, “show correspondence between CIA officers about the UFO sightings.” Spooks aren’t spooked by stories of little green men.

“Sometimes the officers brush off observers’ stories as purely superstitious, even when another explanation isn’t clear.” Sometimes, even they can’t figure out a good cover story. “But in several instances, the officers show genuine concern that perhaps something is at play.”

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