True Patriots Have REFUSED To Fall For The Liberal TRAP!

It would seem that the current political atmosphere of the United States is this constant game of I am rubber, you are glue. It is everything that runs our nation right now.

It is also the way that the Biden Administration wants to run things. They want to try and corner everyone with conservative leanings into one little group that they can then pigeonhole as hateful people.

The problem with that is that not every conservative is some snarling monster that they like to make us out to be. At the end of the day, most of us just want to get from point A to point B without massive interference from the government.

MSM regularly tries to make monsters out of anything conservative so when people are willing to quietly talk to a conservative about why they feel the way they do, they’re shocked. We often find we have more in common than what is portrayed.

Trump has asked us to stand down. There’s mutual trust and love for him so patriots do indeed back down. We know he has the best interests of the United States at heart.

Trying to say patriots are expected to do all this harm, it’s going to happen any minute now…and crickets. Another attempt to stay relevant now that so many alternate places for actual news have been found. You know you’ve lost when you need to make things up to get an audience.

Some Trump supporters came out to peacefully protest so the MSM is often schooled on that definition. Peacefully means not harming people or property. So many people see through the BS over the past months.

MSM is sure there’s going to be destruction

That’s most likely going to be your ANTIFA and BLM, not patriots. Statehouses across the nation have extra security, watching for any problems.

It’s reminiscent of Y2K. Some places had no demonstrators at all. The Nevada Capitol was empty but for one Biden supporter. Richmond, Virginia and Springfield, IL were quiet as well.

There’s no fire, MSM

Only law enforcement remained mid afternoon in Columbus, OH. The media and police outnumbered the protestors in Lansing, MI.

Washington State Patrol spokesman Chris Loftis said some cooling off might have been done after January 6. “The only thing that we have in abundance today is uncertainty. For us, in law enforcement, we simply have to be ready for anything. We can’t allow ourselves to be dismissive, we can’t allow ourselves to be alarmist. We just have to be ready for whatever might be.”

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