One Of Trump’s Top People Just Made A HUGE Announcement!

One of the things that you have to realize about Donald Trump is that he is a guy that is in really good health and can live for a very long time.

This means, even after he wins again in 2024, he is going to need something to do. Much in the way Jimmy Carter builds houses for the poor, he is going to have something to try to make the lives of people around the country better.

The big takeaway from the 2020 election is that voter fraud is so rampant in this country that you can’t even begin to scrape the surface of how bad things are.

Jason Miller, a top adviser to former President Donald Trump, made a huge announcement on “Just the News AM” on January 21, stating that, in the coming months, he expects Trump to “emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity.”

Miller was on Air Force One with President Trump and his family during their flight from Washington, D.C. to Florida on January 20. The adviser informed show host Carrie Sheffield that Trump “has a number of goals over the next couple of years… winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness.”

Miller also noted that the essential work that needs to be done to ensure voter integrity can “never get done in Washington,” because Democrat lawmakers won’t allow it to be taken seriously.

After the 2020 election, President Trump, his campaign, and his legal team fought hard to ensure that only legal votes were counted, challenging the results of elections in numerous states with serious evidence of voter fraud and irregularities. They also launched inquiries into the ways ballots were counted, and the lack of observation of the counting process.

Several eyewitnesses have come forward with first hand accounts of illegal conduct taking place in ballot processing centers, and have testified under oath before committees.

Miller also said that he believes Trump’s plan, which will be developed and announced in the coming months, will involve working with individual states and their legislatures to ensure that, in future elections, votes are counted fairly and that the voting process is secure.

Though Trump has not yet made a decision as to whether he will run for president again in 2024, Miller hopes to see Trump return to the White House again.

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