China Just Told Sleepy Joe “WE ARE READY FOR WAR!”

For decades we have always had to be careful of China and what its plans were.

After all, with over a billion people you can amass a pretty large army fairly quickly if you absolutely had to. Added to the fact that in the digital age they have the ability to disrupt computer systems all over the world, it is a little bit difficult to take them seriously when they say that they want to maintain peace.

Chinese President for life Xi Jinping warned the World Economic Forum in his “Davos Agenda” conference speech that he’s ready to go to combat with the Biden regime. The “new cold war” could turn hot, Pooh Bear insisted, and must be avoided.

Xi didn’t come right out and say it but every New World Order globalist in Switzerland knew what he meant. Joe Biden may be installed as governor of the region but he’s already slipped his leash and it could lead to war.

At least a diplomatic one. Quid Pro Joe made the fatal mistake of agreeing with one of Donald Trump’s policies. Biden dared to concur with the determination that China is committing “genocide” against Uyghur Muslims.” Not only that, he’s daring to have thoughts of his own about “China’s aggression toward Taiwan.”

Xi Jinping may have to leak some juicy intelligence to the right sources about his country’s dealings with Hunter Biden. He can slit Joe’s throat with the concessions they got from Obama’s Vice President in exchange for covering his young playboy son’s cocaine habit. That way, they can deal direct with Kamala Harris.

The Chinese Communist Party would rather slap Biden around a little and get him back in line before things get drastic enough to break into full war though. With George Soros preparing to step down and the various Open Societies Foundation chapters fighting like vultures over the remains of the bank accounts, world economists are a little concerned that the situation in the States isn’t as under control as it appears.

Xi Jinping told Biden not to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. No silly socialist will tell the leader of the worlds biggest commune who to exterminate.

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