HATEFUL Terrorist Just Pleaded Guilty To ATTACK On Trump Tower!

I have never understood the hatred that terrorist s have for people that don’t pray the same way that they do and that don’t have the same lifestyle that we do.

It’s strange the logic that some of them have where instead of not wanting to eat the same food on the menu as I might be eating that they just want to torch the place so nobody else eats what they don’t like. It’s a sickening thought that people want to engage in behavior like that.

Added to the fact that the targets of their aggression are places owned by the rightful President of the United States…

An ISIS sympathizer from Texas pleaded guilty to a role in a terrorist plot to attack the White House and Trump Tower, federal authorities said Tuesday. Trump derangement syndrome has reached a whole new level.

Jaylyn Christopher Molina, 22, was charged last year with conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization in a plot he said would give him “rock star status,” prosecutors said.

Molina was charged along with Kristopher Sean Matthews, 34, of South Carolina, for conspiring on a plan that began in May 2019, authorities said.

While former President Donald Trump was in office, the pair had discussed traveling to Syria to fight with the Islamic State group and talked about carrying out attacks at Trump Tower, the White House, the New York Stock Exchange or buildings housing the CIA or FBI, according to court records.

Such strikes would be “Netflix worthy,” and would “send a message,” the plotters wrote in chat groups monitored by federal agents, who arrested the duo.

“Let it be clear, I am against America,” Molina wrote, according to court documents. “America is my enemy.”

They were studying how to build car bombs, suicide belts and other explosives and discussed plans for attacks with other people over an encrypted messaging application, officials said.

Matthews pleaded guilty in November and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 4. Molina’s sentencing is scheduled for April 22. Both men face up to 20 years in prison for the conspiracy charge.

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