Justice For Marjorie? GOP Ready To Start Ripping Dems From Their Committee Seats!

If there is one thing in this world that I HATE, it is the concept of a double standard. If all things are as equal as they can possibly be between two parties, then actions towards them should be the same.

Then again, we see double standards all of the time. Bosses have their favorite employees, and even some parents have their favorite kids. So, the things that could be considered a minor party foul if committed by one could be some world-ending action if committed by another.

Now, some of the things that Marjorie Taylor Greene have been completely and totally out of line. However, a great deal of how you are dealt with while in public office should only pertain to when you are in public office. If you stole a candy bar when you were ten, that shouldn’t mean that you can’t get elected to office.

Liberals are coming for her head, and they are trying to do it fast. This is something that we have never seen before….oh wait, this happened like last year and they didn’t do a single thing about it. But the GOP certainly can do it now…

A few days ago, freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia implored GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah to “grow a spine” after he jumped on the Democrats’ bandwagon to criticize her for past — admittedly inappropriate — comments and actions on social media.

It was great advice. Romney won’t, mind you, but other members of the Republican Party appear to have taken the young congresswoman’s advice.

As Democrats gin up a much larger controversy with Greene than, say, one of their own members who has made one anti-Semitic comment after another, they have launched an effort to kick her off her committee assignments.

In response, those Republicans who grew a spine are moving to do the same to Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Fox News has more:

The House is set to consider a measure this week that calls for Taylor Greene, a controversial first-term lawmaker known for her support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, from her assignment on the Education and Labor Committee.

A proposed GOP-backed amendment to that measure calls for Omar, frequently identified as a member of the “Squad” of progressive Democrats, to be removed from her committee assignments “in light of conduct she has exhibited,” Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported. In the amendment, Republicans argue that Omar has made anti-Semitic comments that are grounds for dismissal. …

In Feb. 2019, Omar triggered an uproar after she wrote, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” in response to a tweet referencing House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s pledge to take “action” against her over her criticism of Israel. Later, Omar suggested that American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, was paying politicians to take a favorable stance toward Israel.

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