GOP Has Gotten A VERY BIG WIN After Judge Stops Liberal Nonsense!

It used to be that back in the day you could look at a judge as the most honest person that you could find. No, it seems that any of them can be gotten to if a liberal has a check big enough.

Just look at what happened with the 2020 Presidential election. You mean to tell me that all of those judges were doing that without being bought off in some way and I would have to say that you were thinking totally backward.

Just the idea that no Republican judges had the guts to say something means that there was definitely some funny business going on. Thankfully, there are some honest judges left.

The GOP scored a huge win on Friday when the New York Supreme Court handed the 22nd Congressional District to Republican Claudia Tenney.

The high court had to put an immediate stop to the efforts of a rogue Democrat lawyer who kept hallucinating that Dominion Voting Machines swapped votes away from his hysterical client. “That’s nonsense,” liberals claim.

Democrat candidate Anthony Brindisi is howling mad over the outcome of this election cycle’s final battle. He’s extremely “mad” as in “angry” but his colleagues think he’s “insane.” When the music stopped the last seat went to his Republican challenger. His attorney, high-profile Clinton family fixer Marc Elias, has been added to the “it wasn’t suicide” watch list.

He keeps babbling nonsense about how Dominion Voting Systems equipment somehow magically switched votes away from his client. That’s ridiculous, the New World Order declares. This was the fairest and most secure election in history so don’t even dare to question the integrity. Besides, why would Dominion switch votes away from a progressive?

On Friday, after weeks of courtroom drama, the New York Supreme Court ordered all eight counties to certify the election results in favor of Claudia Tenney. The GOP elephant is doing handstands.

The so called “Republican” party is “now up 12 seats from where they were previously.” That’s good news. It paves the way “for them to make a full-scale comeback” in 2022. If they get back to their small government, fiscal responsibility and nationalist roots that is. Tenney won with only 109 more votes than the Democrat.

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