What Just Happened To Trump’s Attorney Is Absolutely Sickening!

Everyone deserves the right to have an attorney if they are in some sort of legal situation, especially people that are innocent.

It is so maddening that the people who are the most innocent are the ones that have to prove it the most. Now, sometimes there are cases where a lawyer spends forever preparing a defense.

On the other hand, Trump’s legal team had about a week and change. Barely enough time to binge-watch The Sopranos from beginning to end if you did it for nine hours a day. Yet, they were able to successfully prove that President Trump was not guilty of the things that they said he was guilty of. It seems that they just wanted to keep pushing until they found something. And these are the people that are supposed to be so tolerant of people.

The party of tolerance strikes again.

Every citizen in the United States has the right to “adequate representation.”


That includes the president… and former presidents.

But Democrats have gone above and beyond to threaten any lawyer who would dare work for Trump.

In fact, just days before the impeachment began, several Trump attorneys left.


It is speculated that the harassment and death threats from Democrats has something to do with it.

And now we know that one of the lead lawyers for President Trump’s impeachment defense had his HOME vandalized.

That’s right: the place where his wife and family are supposed to stay safe was vandalized by left-wing agitators.

Aside from that, he’s faced 100+ death threats.

Is this the “peace,” “unity,” and “normalcy” that the Bidens are talking about?

Is there party not guilty to inciting violence against legal defense for the president?

Where is the outcry?

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