Major Insider Drops HUGE Bombshell About Donald Trump!

People like to think that when someone ends their time as President of the United States that they ride off into the sunset and go live in the mountains or something. Hardly.

While they can’t push the buttons they once did in terms of government, they can still be great in terms of organizing. Don’t let the media fool you, President Trump is still very active and busy.

There are things right now that are being organized by Donald Trump that when we all get to see the full scope of things we are going to all be quite pleased.

GOP insider Armstrong Williams sat down with a conservative leaning media outlet and managed to drop more of an explosive bombshell with his announcement than he intended. What was generally accepted as word of a positive sign from the former president was also a two-edged sword that proves the party is ready to stab Trump in the back.

Armstrong Williams is generally considered to be a well connected GOP insider who’s buddy-buddy with former HUD Secretary Ben Carson. He sat down on Monday with a local news affiliate on their program “National Desk.” He was there to talk about Trump’s historic second acquittal and where the Republican party plans to go from here.

On Saturday, Former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate because the imperialist faction couldn’t get the two-thirds majority they needed to convict.

Almost as soon as the party insider sat down, the host wanted to know if the GOP has plans for another Trump office run. “Of course,” Williams replied instantly. “The only thing that he has stacked against him is time.” After agreeing wholeheartedly that there will be some action toward that goal, he turns around and throws Trump right under the bus.

Seven GOP traitors voted to convict but ten more moles were afraid to come out of the closet. Everyone knows they are Democrats lurking behind the letter “R” on their voter registration cards. The party is infested with rats. Conservatives call them “RINOs.”

Since he’s a ranking insider, Williams’ opinion carries weight inside the party leadership. He’s “concerned” that Donald Trump isn’t apologetic enough about being framed. The Republican Party thinks he should be a more humble victim.

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