What Biden’s FEMA Just Sent Freezing Cold Texas Is Absolutely INSULTING!

Although I cannot imagine the exact situation that the good people of Texas are going through right now, I can definitely empathize because I grew up in northern Michigan.

One time, when I was about thirteen or so, we had this massive cold snap that went on for days. Freezing rain made roads almost unusable and at one point the power went out to nearly the entire small town I lived in. We were way up north in the Lower Peninsula and the power company was going to need a while to get to us.

So, we had to do things the best we could. Luckily, we had enough firewood to last us the whole winter so there was no problem there. Out wood stove was basically an old oven so if you could boil it or fry it you were good for cooking food. We were lucky compared to the good folks of Texas. What is happening to them right now is insulting.

FEMA has delivered only 60 generators to assist Texas residents, even though hundreds of thousands remain without power for the sixth day in a row.

Joe Biden’s homeland security advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall said Thursday that FEMA had sent 60 generators to assist Texas localities without power.

“Specifically, in Texas [FEMA] has made 60 generators and fuel available to support critical sites like hospitals and water facilities,” Sherwood-Randall said during the White House press briefing, even as she acknowledged that 600,000 people in the state of Texas remain without power.

Earlier in the week, as many as eight million residents in the south-central part of the country and even in Mexico were without power after a freezing winter storm hit the region.

A spokesperson for FEMA told Breitbart News they had not received any additional requests for generators.

“FEMA has provided the state of Texas with 60 generators,” the spokesperson from FEMA said. “We have not received any additional requests from Texas for generators.”

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