Sleepy Joe’s New Announcement Has Taxpayers Absolutely FURIOUS!

You aren’t required to give money to anyone that you don’t think it would be right to give money to.

For example, there was a relative of mine who, despite getting paid two days earlier in the workweek than I did at the time, would be flat broke by the time I got paid on Friday morning. So, this relative, let’s call them Janice, would need to borrow a hundred dollars from me to get whatever it was she needed. I’m sure it was Bibles and holy water….

Anyway, the vast majority of the time I would be able to do it to the point where she would expect it. Janice would drop by and borrow the cash and would usually have it back by Monday. However, if I couldn’t do it that week she would flip her shit and cuss me out. More evidence it probably wasn’t Bibles and holy water she was buying…

But I digress. Once, on the day before some friends and I were leaving on a camping trip where I would need that extra hundred, she spots my car in the parking lot of my bank and hangs in the parking lot until I come out to ask me to borrow the money. I tell her no, and the woman lost her damn mind. The American people should be losing their minds on Joe Biden because he is giving away their money without their permission.

Despite the fact that the United States is $27 trillion in debt, and the American people are currently struggling due to COVID lockdowns, Joe Biden has announced that he is giving more taxpayer funds to foreign initiatives.

According to senior administration officials, Joe Biden will be announcing a $2 billion contribution to a global coronavirus vaccine initiative when he speaks with world leaders on February 19. Fox reported that the contribution will go towards “boosting efforts to distribute shots to low- and middle-income countries as wealthier nations snap up the limited supply.”

That’s not all. Biden is also planning to pledge an additional $2 billion in funding, which is contingent on contributions from other nations. All of this funding has already been appropriated by Congress.

“This pandemic is not going to end unless we end it globally. Pandemics — they travel. And we also know the more disease that’s out there, the more likely we are to see variants,” a senior administration official said.

Despite this, another senior administration official says that the “current focus is on vaccinating Americans.”

The reality is, Democrats claim to be fighting for the American people, while actually giving away our taxpayer dollars to other countries. While the Flint Water Crisis continues, our elected leaders send money to gender equality programs in the Middle East. While American citizens are losing their jobs, businesses, and lives to the authoritarian lockdowns imposed by Democrat politicians, they send out $600 checks to us, and billions of dollars to foreign countries.

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