ANTIFA Just Got Away With It…Dems Will Not Hold Them Responsible!

By and large, a lot of people aren’t political junkies. They don’t live and breathe their whole lives based on political issues. They just want to make sure that their little corner of the world is taken care of and then they just don’t want to bother anyone.

However, there are people that have to make everything a political issue and feel the need to put others on the spot. If there is one thing that I hate it is when someone obviously has an agenda and puts you on the spot.

Stuff like this is happening all of the time in various parts of the country. Antifa backed mobs are walking up to people just minding their own business, eating dinner outside after a long day, and yelling at them to agree with whatever slogan that they are trying to push. It’s sickening.

Despite the increased National Guard Presence, Antifa and BLM mobs continue to disrupt the lives of Americans in Washington, D.C.

The Democrats in charge of the District as well as the federal Government refuse to hold Antifa and BLM accountable. Independent journalists Andy Ngô and Brendan Gutenschwager have continued to cover the breakdown in law and order in cities across the country.

Diners and regular people were harassed by the mob as as they chanted “If we don’t get it, burn it down”, “Whose streets? OUR STREETS.” “Hell No to the Po-po”, “F*** Wall Street, F*** ICE”, “ACAB, All Cops Are Bastards” “Black lives, they matter here!” and fought with police as they marched through the DuPont Circle area, pausing in front of restaurants and businesses to disrupt them.

Gutenschwager reported that DC Metro Police on bicycles were “forming lines around the outdoor diners to separate them from the protesters marching past.” and that the “‘Antifascist Action’ flag” was flying as the protestors marched in what they called the “FTP March” on DC. “FTP” has been officially referred to as “For The People” however, it must be noted that it holds a dual meaning (F*** the Police) for those who chant to “defund the police”.

Although the belligerents clearly engaged in assaulting an officer (confirmed on video below), according to The Washington Examiner, “The Metro Police said no arrests were made on Saturday night due to the protests.” Of the approximately 5,000 National Guard troops still stationed in Washington, D.C. since Jan. 6th none were seen working with DC Metro Police or engaging the Antifa/BLM mob.

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