Ted Cruz Took To The Stage And BLEW THEM ALL AWAY!

Ted Cruz is one of those people that knows how the game is played and at the same time he knows how to blend honesty into all of it.

These days, we have far too many people that try to just blend in the game playing and not so much of the honesty.

He’s someone that if he ever ran for President and got the nomination, I am sure that there would be a lot of people quite happy with the job he would do as President.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz became one of main stars at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida after clips of his speech went viral over the weekend.

On Friday, February 26, Ted Cruz gave an explosive speech at CPAC where he discussed COVID restrictions, warned of the dangers of leftists policies, and gave the case for liberty in the United States.

“We are gathered in dark times,” Cruz began. “We’re gathered at a time where the hard left – where the socialists control the levers of government. Where they control the White House, where they control every executive branch, where they control both houses of Congress. Bernie is wearing mittens and AOC is telling us she was ‘murdered.’”

“And the media desperately, desperately, desperately wants to see a Republican civil war,” he added. “Liberty is under assault. And what are we going to do? I’ll tell you, we will fight.”

Cruz went on to discuss the insanely authoritarian COVID restrictions, including New York’s attack on Jewish playgrounds and California’s attack on skateparks.

He asserted that the most important aspects of the fight against left-wing tyranny are to “defend liberty” and “have fun,” because “the left believes in rigid conformity.”

This is a very important point, as anyone objectively viewing the left at this point can see that the Democrats have become the anti-comedy, anti-freedom, and pro-censorship party in the country. Anything remotely fun or funny has been stripped from the left as they force the American people to walk on eggshells to avoid hurting the feelings of the oversensitive “woke” crowd.

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