MSM DEAD SILENT Over Violent Murder Of Unarmed White Woman!

Well, it seems that the Democratic Party has for the most part gotten to the bank accounts of people in the media. Well know this but it seems that stories that would be a lock for them to cover have gone silent.

It’s all because of the narrative that they are trying to push. Think about it, if you talk about people of color being killed and murdered and such, they are going to make it sound like there is a terrible problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

However, the second that a white person gets harmed in some kind of way, they go totally silent on the whole matter. They act like there’s no reason to cover it. If there’s no coverage, there’s no outrage. Which is exactly what they want.

BLM and Democrats in Washington made the claim that if it were Blacks that rioted, the police would have shot them. The riots in Washington by BLM exactly no Blacks were shot, but one three hour riot by Trump supporters and a young White girl was murdered by a Capitol police officer. The Capitol police are still keeping the officer’s name from the public.

Now, for the first time, the family through their lawyer has made a statement and it’s pretty obvious they plan on suing once the name is revealed. They are also requesting that anyone with evidence or the video of the unprovoked attack to notify them to hand it over. What’s worse is that the government has not released any information on the shooting.

Here is the statement in part: The shooting of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021 by an unidentified U.S. Capitol Police Officer was an unjustified use of deadly force which violated her constitutional rights. It is clear from video footage that Ashli did not pose a danger to the officer, or any other person, when she was shot. Ashli was unarmed. She did not assault anyone. She did not threaten to harm anyone. There was no excuse for taking her life.”

It is a universal law enforcement standard that a police officer should use no more force than necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. At 5′ 2″ tall and 110 pounds, an arrest of Ashli could have been accomplished by a single trained officer with a set of handcuffs. At the time of the shooting, there were over a half-dozen police officers in close proximity to the Speaker’s door where Ashli was standing. Some of those officers had just allowed protesters access to the door by stepping aside.

Other officers, dressed in full tactical gear, stood among the protesters just a few feet behind the door. Still others stood casually at the opposite end of the Speaker’s Lobby, unconcerned with the activities of Ashli and the protesters around her. All of these officers were in a position to have aided in the apprehension of Ashli if it was necessary. Given her background as a 14-year veteran of the Air Force, it is likely that Ashli would have complied with simple verbal commands, thereby making the use of any force unnecessary.

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