Border Crisis Escalating, The Biden Plan Has COLLAPSED!

I got to tell you, folks, on a very personal level, why the whole issue of illegal immigrants being allowed into the country without doing anything above walking to the border bugs the crap out of me.

When I first moved to the neighborhood I live in, one of my neighbors was someone who came to the country on a student visa when they were in college. They ended up getting a job in the United States after college and wanted to become a citizen. The process took a really long time from what I was told.

He was so damn happy when he got the notice for his naturalization. He was just so unbelievably happy. The years that he worked to do something had finally paid off. To see someone, who had worked so hard for so long be spat at by illegal aliens crossing the border and getting what he spent years to get just gets me to no end. Yet, Joe Biden thinks it is all ok…

The Biden-Harris regime is demonstrably feckless and seemingly unaware or more likely: willfully ignorant of the mounting CRISIS at the Border with Mexico. Julie Pace is the AP beat reporter for the Whitehouse.

Pace appeared this week on Fox news with Chris Wallace and was asked by Wallace if the Biden admin had a plan to get his Border Crisis under control. Pace answered, “Well, they don’t have a plan at the moment to get this under control.” the DailyWire reported.

Even the Associated Press, long the cheerleaders for the Democratic Party have to confess that Biden has no clue and doesn’t seem to want one either. The masks are coming off, the new regime is so busy working to dismantle the gains of the Trump Administration that they cannot be bothered with protecting the country.

Not only do the Democrats have no plan, they don’t even think there is even a problem! Newly minted Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was asked by a reporter “Do you believe that right now there’s a crisis of the border?”

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