WOW! Biden’s True Puppet Masters Have Been EXPOSED!

I have always said that it is pretty rare that you have a President of the United States who is actually the person making all of the decisions.

More often than not, there is a group of people that are behind him, almost the way that the Soviet Union used to have puppet leaders. Fact is, Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by people for a very long time.

Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the decisions that he has made in the first month in office alone. He has already done things that ae going to screw this country up fro the bad long after we are all gone.

Over 150 of America’s most senior corporate executives came crawling out of the Deep State shadows to pledge allegiance to Imperial Leader Joe Biden. Now we know where the cash behind His Wisdom’s puppet strings comes from.

Joe Biden is just another Pinocchio except there’s no easy way to tell when he’s lying. Everyone knows that the globalist, open borders, New World Order pulls his strings. Now, we have a list of who his puppet masters are.

They all threw their support behind the Palace plan for another $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package to make up to the citizens for the pallets of cash they sent off to other countries with the last one.

Someone leaked a copy of a very special letter to CNN. It’s signed by a group of top executives “representing some of the powerful business interests in the U.S.”

Household names in banking like Goldman Sachs and Blackstone are pulling Biden’s puppet strings, joined by the high-tech giants Google, Intel and IBM, as expected. Hospitality companies including Loews Hotels & Co., American Airlines and United Airlines are totally on board. Real Estate, insurance, and utility industries are well represented.

“Previous federal relief measures have been essential, but more must be done to put the country on a trajectory for a strong, durable recovery,” the cabal of executives demand. The letter was sent to “bipartisan congressional leaders” on Wednesday but the draft leaked Tuesday.

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