They Tried Taking A Shot At Ted Cruz And INSTANTLY Regretted It!

There are some people that if you are going to take a shot at them, you better make sure that you are giving it everything that you have because if you let them get back up they are going to rip you apart.

The same thing goes in verbal altercations. I have seen so many people that thought it was a good idea to hurl an insult at someone that they thought was going to be a silver bullet. At the end of the day it would turn out to be a dud and the person would just say stuff that would make anyone want to crawl into a hole.

You don’t want to go after anyone that’s got better ammo than you do. It’s the old saying, you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Beta male Eric Swalwell just lost big time to Senator Ted Cruz in their back and forth on Twitter. After dating an actual Chinese spy for years, Swalwell was placed on the intel committee by Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats are working overtime trying to destroy America.

“To be fair, he has done a lot of undercover work on Chinese communists,” Ted Cruz tweeted, while sharing a link to the news article about Swalwell’s appointment.

Swalwell was quick to reply, pointing out that Ted Cruz flew to Mexico while his home state of Texas was experiencing blackouts due to a freak winter storm. Cruz’s trip to Cancun was poorly timed, but a member of the House Intelligence Committee having pillow talk with a Chinese Communist spy is a bit worse, don’t you think?

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, backed up Cruz on Monday and said that Rep. Eric Swalwell D-Calif. has been “compromised” and should no longer serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

“You know, in the military, we get vetted on whether we are able to get classified materials, top-secret material and it’s extensive. They go back into your background, through your whole life. But, we don’t do that in Congress. So, you’re allowed to get elected and put into a position of really great responsibility and Eric Swalwell’s been compromised,” Wenstrup said.

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