If you want to get a little bit of a taste of what a lockdown is like, there was a book I read a couple of years ago where a guy didn’t leave his property for a year. One year, he would have everything he needed delivered to his house and the only time he would be allowed to leave would be for medical appointments if they were deemed necessary.

Now, I should say that he had about fifteen acres of property so he was able to move around as much as he wanted on those fifteen acres. However, after a while even that space became cramped. Bear in mind, he could have abandoned the project any time he wanted to.

That being said, imagine if he wasn’t allowed to leave for real, and ran the risk of being tossed in jail if he did. That is what is happening in a lot of places right now…

Europe is once again showing its true authoritarian colors, as one country has approved new restrictions on business and movement that will be in place until at least April 6.

The government of Italy is reportedly concerned about mutant strains of coronavirus and has decided to impose another authoritarian lockdown. Regions of Italy with more than 250 cases per 100,000 people will be subject to full lockdown measures.

The Italian government, led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, has leaked a draft of its lockdown order to Reuters. The news outlet reported:

“Under an order approved on [March 12] by Health Minister Roberto Speranza seven regions have been shifted into the toughest red zones, including Lombardy around Milan, and Lazio around Rome.

Three other regions were already red, meaning half the country’s regions and most of its population will be under the most severe restrictions from [March 15].

In these areas schools and non-essential shops will be closed and Italians will only be allowed to leave their homes for work, health or emergency reasons.”

“I hope that this will be the last sacrifice asked of our citizens,” said Lombardy President Attilio Fontana.

The order will only allow people to leave their homes for work, health reasons, or emergency reasons. Traveling between towns is reportedly going to be severely limited, and restaurants and bars will be shuttered.

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