What Duckworth Just Did Is Pure LIBERAL HYPOCRISY!

If there is one thing that I happen to know about liberals, it is the idea that they will go back and forth on an idea until they forgot what they were trying to decide in the first place.

Look at Biden’s nominees. It seems that a lot of them are falling by the wayside solely because they end up getting hacked to pieces by liberals that think that somehow, one of Joe Biden’s people isn’t liberal enough.

My God, that’s like saying an apple didn’t come from a tree…

Illinois U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D) backed off on her pledge to not vote for any straight white nominee for the Biden Administration after the bold move was retracted. This retraction comes just hours after she threatened to go kamikaze on all Biden Administration nominees who didn’t fit her standards.

Ben Gash Garmisa, a Duckworth spokesman, said in a statement, “Senator Duckworth appreciates the Biden administration’s assurances that it will do much more to elevate AAPI voices and perspectives at the highest levels of government, including appointing an AAPI senior White House official to represent the community, secure the confirmation of AAPI appointments and advance policy proposals that are relevant and important to the community,”

Garmisa followed up saying, “Accordingly, she will not stand in the way of President Biden’s qualified nominees—which will include more AAPI leaders.” This is odd as the man who made the statement is in fact a straight (as far as we know), white, male who is Senator Duckworth’s spokesman.

It seemed like last night Joe Biden or members of his administration got to her as she said, “I had a productive conversation with the White House today to make clear my perspective about the importance of diversity in the President’s Cabinet. Based on the private conversation we had, I will continue voting to confirm the historic and highly qualified nominees President Biden has appointed to serve in his administration.”

It will be interesting to see what back-door deal they may or may not have made because if Senator Duckworth didn’t retract her pledge, it could have been a major problem for the administration. Duckworth feels there are not enough AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) as there are no AAPI in cabinet positions.

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