Something Is Happening In D.C.— Is The Military About To Step In? [VIDEO]

The last few months have been rough, to say the least for the 74 plus Americans who voted for Trump this past election. We were all riding this wave of happiness having Trump in office and seeing the great things he was doing for our country and the world. However, that happiness came to a screeching halt the morning after the election and we saw with our own eyes that the devious elite had stolen it.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions as we have seen the blatant theft and then to be told it wasn’t true. The American people have been told to shut up, sit down and accept the stolen outcome. However, we can’t and the reason why is we know the truth and the truth is what keeps us all going. The truth is what we all want to be revealed and then and only then can we move forward.

Now, it appears that will occur as there are signs that the military is stepping in to right the wrongs of these sleazy Democrats.

Many people have predicted that something would occur between March 4th through the 6th, but I am from the school of thought that you don’t show your enemy your hand when you plan to attack.

Check out this video:

However, there are signs that something is most definitely amidst and it would be wonderful to see the military stepping in, but as I have always said.

Only time will tell.

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