Biden Is Losing It As His Worst Case Scenario Just Went Public!

Biden and the rest of his staff can live in their ivory tower and their imperial palace all that they want, but there is no question that there will be plenty of occasions where they will become incredibly frazzled. One such situation where they are losing it is happening presently, and needless to say, they are scrambling to explain how one of their contracted vaccine providers managed to mix up the ingredients from two different vaccine recipes. The mistake proved to be costly for Johnson and Johnson because they had to throw away over 15 million vaccine doses.

Yes, Biden Officials Had Been Warned

Emergent BioSolutions was the firm that had been contracted to produce the Johnson and Johnson vaccines. Additionally, they procured a contract to whip up a batch of vaccines for AstraZeneca.

Meanwhile, there is a senior Biden who is singing like a canary to Politico, saying that “health issues had learned about the batch that had been contaminated later last week.” The source’s co-workers also speak on the condition of anonymity, saying that there were several “problems with Emergent’s product that loomed large.”

Unfortunately, this was more than just a little “mix-up.” It ended up happening at a West Baltimore manufacturing plant and it led to “millions of contaminated doses.”

It didn’t take long before even liberal news outlets were blasting the Biden administration for “becoming aware of this situation more than a week ago where supply issues were reportedly being mistakenly mixed together from both J&J and AstraZeneca.”

Of course, surprise surprise the company officials are assuring us that this is not really that big of a deal. “This batch has been isolated,” an Emergent spokesperson said in a statement. “We will dispose of it properly. There are times where we have to discard a batch of bulk drug substance. Yes, this is disappointing, but it can happen during the manufacture of a vaccine because this biological process is very complex and requires a lot of steps.”

Yes, while the need to toss a batch is par for the course, the fact that two different formulas were blended together should be cause for concern. This situation could have been deadly if they hadn’t caught it in time, and heads would have rolled all the way up to the White House.

Let’s Spin This Screw-Up!

Of course, now it’s time for the lead spin-doctor, that of Jen Psaki, to come out and spin this to the masses. It seems that the All-Mighty Joe Biden and the rest of the Imperial Palace do not think that this is going to prevent “Emergent from preventing J&J from meeting their goal of at least 100 million shots by the beginning of June.”

This never happened under Trump, but whatever, all the liberals seem to know is “Orange Man Bad.”

Do you think that Biden, Emergent, and Johnson and Johnson can get this mess straightened out? Your comments are appreciated!

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