The TRUTH About Disposable Masks Have Been REVEALED!

My fellow patriots are tired of all nonsense because disposable mask is not even safe. Alot of misinformation and fake news circulating about the virus and everything related to masks.

Some people considering wearing two masks.

Two masks that may be full of potentially harmful graphene particles.

According to, Health Canada issued an advisory and asked distributors to recall face masks that contain graphene or biographene, citing potential inhalation risks.

In an advisory released Friday, the agency said there is a “potential that wearers could inhale graphene particles from some masks, which may pose health risks.”

According to healthycanadians website, Graphene is a novel nanomaterial (materials made of tiny particles) reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Health Canada conducted a preliminary scientific assessment after being made aware that masks containing graphene have been sold with COVID-19 claims and used by adults and children in schools and daycares. Health Canada believes they may also have been distributed for use in health care settings.

Health Canada’s preliminary assessment of available research identified that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals. However, the potential for people to inhale graphene particles from face masks and the related health risks are not yet known, and may vary based on mask design. The health risk to people of any age is not clear. Variables, such as the amount and duration of exposure, and the type and characteristics of the graphene material used, all affect the potential to inhale particles and the associated health risks. Health Canada has requested data from mask manufacturers to assess the potential health risks related to their masks that contain graphene.

Graphene particles that people are breathing in; if they are wearing certain brands of these disposable masks.

We have been misled yet again ladies and gentlemen. We are once again being told to listen to ‘experts’ who did not know about this graphene issue from the outset.

Take a look:

Preliminary research with animals shows graphene has potential to cause lung toxicity, according to Health Canada. The potential risk with masks is unknown. The department has requested data from mask manufacturers and is investigating.

People who have masks containing graphene should not wear them. Those who have used one should consult with a health care professional if issues develop, such as shortness of breath.


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