Trump Was Right, The Storm Has Just Begun!

For months, patriots were shouting from the rooftops and were telling us the plan from the beginning, and of course, many of us including me have doubted it.

This is and has always been about exposing the deep state system and showing it to the world how corrupt it is. The Biden Administration has not been in office for a year and is already struggling and it is clear to everyone, they will lose control.

The invisible enemy will continue to push their evil agenda and people will see that Joe Biden cannot control the situation. You all, this is the perfect storm.

The elite are now moving into their master plan of having everyone chipped. Did you think that wearing masks and getting a vaccine had anything to do with keeping YOU healthy? The elite cannot stand us and want us dead. This has always been about population control and only keeping those who are in their club rich and safe. It is a conspiracy no more.

As Mike Pompeo has tweeted out we are playing a game of chess and now that board says checkmate.

Watch this video and let us know your thoughts below!

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