What The NFL Is Requiring Of Fans Next Year Is Beyond Insane!

Buffalo, New York NFL and NHL sports fans now have something else to talk about, and unfortunately, it’s not something good. They are upset because some of the team executives have announced that everyone who attends the game will have to be fully vaccinated for the COVID shot in order to attend the game.

This comes on the heels of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announcing that the county is planning on allowing attendance at both the Keybank Center and the Highmark Stadium this fall.

“We have a goal to have a 100 percent full house for the Sabres and Bills starting this fall,” Poloncarz said at Erie County’s weekly COVID-19 briefing.

However, that comes at a price. All of the fans and staff will have to show their vaccination status through New York Excelsior app, which is a mobile app that will work like a boarding pass that can show that its owner has been vaccinated and has tested negative for the coronavirus, as noted on the state’s website.

“That’s why I am announcing it now,” Polancarz said regarding this NFL policy. “Our plan is that you must be vaccinated or you will not be able to gain entry into the stadium.”

A lot of fans expressed their frustration about this on Twitter.

“If vaccinated people won’t get sick, why can’t vaccinated people make their own choice to go to a game if they want and risk getting sick?” one person asked.

“How DARE YOU force an experimental drug on an individual who has tested negative for the virus!” Another person commented. “This isn’t SCIENCE, it’s just following propaganda,” Keith Rogers said.

However, there is some good news for those who dislike this decision.

“This is freedom of expression and I’m being deprived of that,” he said. “This is mixing in with my liberty and my right to move around in society without too much government interference. This is opposed to injecting something into your body.”

Time will tell if these issues will be overturned, but this is a brave new world when people’s rights can be taken away so easily over disease paranoia.

What do you think? Your comments are appreciated!

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