Joe Biden’s Announcement Just Proved Trump TOTALLY RIGHT!

It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 affected the United States — and the world — just like a big storm. And now confirming former President Donald Trump’s prediction from last September stating that the coronavirus vaccine is available to every American who wants it.

During that time, the liberal media named his prediction “impossible.”

“Trump says, without evidence, every American will get coronavirus vaccine by April,” The Washington Post reported on Sept. 18.

Since now is April and we have enough hindsight to effectively determine whether the former president’s ambitious plan was, in fact, as overreaching as the liberal media claimed.

Once again, Trump was right and the mainstream media was wrong. But how much of the liberal media’s criticism been legitimate scepticism.

Trump spearheaded the vaccine distribution program while he was still president and worked to paint a picture of optimism for Americans during a dark segment of history.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, highlighted the Trump administration’s strategy to “deliver safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses to the American people as quickly and reliably as possible” through a plan known as “Operation Warp Speed” last September.

The progress that his administration catalysed proves highly successful months later.

While on Wednesday as Joe Biden announced the day before that all US adults would be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine by 19 April, even as he warned that the nation was still in a “life-and-death race” against the virus.

Half of all US adults are expected to have had at least one shot of the available vaccines by the start of next week and 108 million have been vaccinated so far in the US, covering more than 40% of the eligible population aged 16 and older – or almost a third of the total population of the US.

But many states are still seeing coronavirus on the rise. Michigan, for example, is seeing rates of increase not experienced since the late autumn surge in November, with three quarters of new cases believed to be the more contagious UK variant of Covid-19.

Pairing optimism with caution at the White House on Tuesday, the president touted the administration’s success in accelerating the pace of the vaccination effort, including the milestone of administering a record 4m doses in a single day. But that progress, he said, is threatened by the rise in coronavirus cases in many states across the US as dangerous variants spread and some officials loosen public health restrictions.

It is now showing that Trump’s prediction has been verified months later. What does this say about the liberal media’s relentless criticism of every aspect of his efforts, including his plans for vaccine distribution and pandemic recovery?

Though some experts agreed with Trump at the time, the media was quick to write off his assertions that the vaccine would be accessible to every American within a few months.

The Biden administration appears to be rolling out a vaccine timeline similar to the one set in place by Trump. Perhaps this reiterates the former president’s belief that a widespread vaccine would soon become a reality.

People think that this the timeline of the current administration ironically coincide from Trump’s term and he deserve some credit for his predictions although, by evidence of the left’s past, receiving that credit is highly unlikely.

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