These Traitorous Hotel Chains Are Housing Criminal Illegal Aliens!

Here in early April, you might be planning for your family’s summer vacation, and in all honesty, you are probably looking forward to it after all of this COVID stress and insanity. Unless of course you are in a state where the economy is now devastating because of an overreaching or micromanaging Democrat governor, but I digress. However, even if you can clear that first hurdle, I hate to be a wet blanket but there is now something else that you might need to worry about. Apparently, in many traitorous hotel chains in certain states, they have a policy where they are going to start housing illegal aliens.

Simply put, if you are thinking about traveling to Arizona or Texas for a family vacation, you probably should be aware of this possibility. Indeed, this might even cause to want to re-think some of your travel plans, especially when you consider that some of these hotels are going to be filled to the brim with illegal aliens. No, this isn’t just a crazy made-up story. Indeed, there are at least seven hotel chains in these states where illegal aliens might be staying completely free of charge on the American taxpayer’s dime. If you are in the Texas or Arizona area anytime soon, here are some hotels that you should avoid:

Best Western El Paso Airport Hotel

ICE has dubbed this hotel location as the “Casa Estrella” or “Star House.” This hotel is going to set aside 186 beds for illegal aliens. This hotel is next to a Starbucks and it will be two miles from the El Paso International Airport.

Comfort Inn Choice Hotels

There will be another 158 hotels available at the traitorous Comfort Inn, which is just about a mile and a half from the first Best Western location. This Comfort Inn has been dubbed the “Casa Consuelo” or the “House of Consolation.” Are you staying at this hotel and are concerned about the coronavirus? Well, you should be, because the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t said when they will test any of these illegal families.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Chandler, AZ

This traitorous Holiday Inn Express has been nicknamed the “La Casa de la Luz” or the “House of Light”, and it comes with a large pool!

Woodspring Suites Pecos

As soon as April 30, there will be beds available for these illegal immigrants in this branch of the Woodspring Suites hotel chain in Pecos, Texas. The “La Casa de La Paz” or the “House of Peace” has some in-room kitchens and even a few living rooms! All on your dime!

Hampton Inn Cotulla

The traitorous Hampton Inn of Cotulla is being called the “Casa Esperanza” or the “House of Hope”, and the feds are planning on holding as many as 200 illegals here.

Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham Cotulla

This location is being called the “Casa de Compasion” or the “House of Compassion” by ICE agents.

Best Western Sure Stay

The Sure Stay Best Western is going to hold 142 people and it has been nicknamed the “Casa de Alegria” or “House of Joy.” Additionally, this Phoenix hotel will also be close to the airport.

All I have to say, gee I wish I could get a free hotel room from Uncle Sam and even have them give it a fancy nickname? However, I’m a law-abiding citizen who would attempt to immigrate to a country the legal way, so I guess I’m out of luck.

What do you think about these traitorous Arizona and Texas hotels that are going to house illegal aliens? Your comments are appreciated!

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