Holy Cow! Biden Just Turned On His Press Secretary!

Apparently, even President Joe Biden is getting tired of that White House palace mouthpiece Jen Psaki, because he recently threw her under the proverbial political bus. I guess there is no honor among thieves. Of course, now that the left doesn’t have Donald Trump to blame all of their mistakes on, the occupants of the White House palace are now thoroughly at each other’s throats.


Is Biden Afraid of Teachers?


Apparently, the Fearless Leader Joe Biden has some pretty serious hangups from his childhood, because he is now doing whatever he can to avoid upsetting the Teacher’s Unions. He is not too thrilled with upsetting the parents involved in that outfit either, so the result is that he is walking back everything that Jen Psaki said! Naturally, President Biden’s damage control only resulted in a bunch of mindless babbling.


Jen Psaki originally made the announcement that Biden was hoping to have at least half of these schools open “at least one day per week” after his first hundred days, the parents apparently came unglued. Of course, Biden finally got around to admitting that “many educators were already doing that on their own” and Trump was actually the one responsible for it.


What is the real reason for the Biden flip-flop? Well, this is due in part to mitigate “upset feelings from the teachers’ unions, which have always been a major force in the Democratic Party and they have opposed schools reopening in many cases.”


Instead of admitting that it was a mistake, what does Biden do? He simply shoots the messenger. During a CNN “town hall” broadcast last Tuesday night, Biden simply said that Psaki was “not correct” and that “getting open to 10% capacity in the first 100 days was not the goal of our administration.”


What is the definition of “open”?


Yes, Biden admits that Psaki reported these figures, but he also claims that these suggestions “are not true.” Instead, President Biden insists that there was “a mistake in the communication”. However, Biden didn’t do the best job of correcting it, leaving many ordinary Americans puzzled at what he was really attempting to say.


Of course, in his weird haphazard way, Biden attempted to clarify:


“What I meant to say was that opening the majority of schools in K through eighth grade would be the easiest to open and they are the ones that need to be opened the most, in terms of the impact on children and families having to stay home.”


In true Joe Biden fashion, he neglected to spend any time explaining how many days these schools should be open or whether this touches on the high schools or not. “I think we’ll be close to that at the end of the first hundred days,” he said.


This leaves folks to scratch their head and say, “close to what?” and “how would this be any different from what his press secretary Jen Psaki said?”


Even Fox news noted that Biden didn’t fully define what an open K-8 school would look like at the end of the 100 days.


It’s not the best leadership, and it’s leaving a lot of people very puzzled. It’s not the best leadership from the president, but then again, what else is new?


What do you think? Your comments are appreciated!


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