President Trump Is About To Be Hit With Some AMAZING News!

Things have been heating up with the audit lately and it appears that the truth of the election will emerge sooner rather than later. For example, just yesterday the courts in Michigan gave the all-clear for a full audit to occur in the contested county/state.

So as we wait for more information to come filter in from their findings one man has a powerful prophetic message concerning President Trump.

I am not sure if you have heard of Timothy Dixon, but you are about to learn about him.

Dixon is a soft-spoken, humble man that has the Word of God living in him and when he speaks it is amazing. Every message Dixon has given in the past has been powerful and this one is no different.

There is a real urgency recently to what he is posting and even in his own words, he says President Trump will VERY SOON be returning to his rightful spot.

Dixon also stated that Trump is getting ready to take his place again in power as we speak and that Joe Biden’s days are numbered.
In the message that Dixon says he received from the Lord, he states that Biden’s days are done and not just in the office, but on the earth too.

I would NOT want to be Joe Biden right about now, how about you?

There is a lot more in here, but you just need to watch for yourself.



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