Biden Just Released A New Threat to Americans Who Refuse the Vaccine [WATCH]

Not too long ago, Joe Biden posted on Twitter what seemed to be a threat to those who decided not to get vaccinated. Of course, it almost seems laughable since this is the leader of the party that preaches “my body, my choice” all the time, but I guess that only means when you want to murder an innocent baby.

At any rate. after Biden posted the original threat on Twitter just days ago, the demented old geezer is back with a new video to those who do not get vaccinated.

Why does Biden look like the Joker from Batman? Can you see it in that clip?

I guess he is playing the “bad cop” since his wife Jill is attempting to be the “good cop” when you put their tweets together.

“Bad cop” Joe and his best Godfather tweet.

Then there is Jill’s with her good-cop shtick.

Seriously, did these two forget that America was a democratic republic and tyranny doesn’t bode too well here at all.

Secondly, what happened to “my body, my choice” again?

They only use that line when it behooves their argument. right?

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough Joe just had a presser where he seems to be trying to either threaten those who do not want the experimental vax or scare us, but either way, it will piss you off.

 The Daily Mail reports:

Four days after the CDC said immunized people could go maskless, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made their first indoor public appearance without face coverings.

Biden said some 60% of Americans had now received at least one shot of the vaccine as he announced that the U.S. will offer another 20 million dose to global vaccination efforts.

Oh wow, that all sounds well, good and reasonable. And then Joe drops the hammer on all of us Anti-vaxxers.

Biden held out the prospect of going bare-faced as a carrot to the unvaccinated as he implored people to get immunized. But he also delivered his message with a stick.

‘Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price,’ he said.

Joe just told Americans that if they didn’t get the vaccine, they would have to pay the price.

That has to be a misquote, right? Wrong. Here is the threat straight from Biden’s mouth.

Unfortunately, these are not empty threats. It’s easy to take it that way, considering it’s coming from a man with a regular nap schedule. But the people who pull his puppet strings have ways to get around the constitution to make good on those threats.

This is in spite of the science and real-world examples of States that have done the opposite of Joe’s demands.

Texas on Sunday recorded no Covid deaths for the first time since it began tracking daily data in March 2020. At the same time, new cases in the Lone Star State hit a 13-month low.

It comes two months after the state reopened, drawing criticism from public health officials and Biden, who described Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision as ‘Neanderthal thinking.’

Thanks Texans,’ said Abbott as he tweeted the milestone.

Joe Biden is all about the leftist narrative, and not science or results.

With the recounts in various states and the grassroots movement of so many dedicated constitutionalists and patriots, we are making headway. So, if Joe and his cronies keep up this insanity they will be making it easy for the right Republicans to win in 2022 and begin the takeback of our nation from their theft.

We just have to stay the course and keep fighting back.

We will keep you abreast of any changes in this story if anything devlops.

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