State Officials Have Just RAIDED A Top Democrat’s Home!

Rochester Mayor’s residence, raided by NY State Troopers on Wednesday night.

Police have surrounded the home of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and an investigation appears to be underway. Reports say the husband of the Mayor was in handcuffs as the NYSP executed a drug warrant at the mayor’s home.

Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband was in handcuffs as the troopers executed a Drug Arrest Warrant at the Mayor’s home, Insider Paper tweet said.

The New York Post also stated that a criminal investigation has been conducted at the home of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren Wednesday evening.

Troopers executed a search warrant at the Democrat’s house as part of an “ongoing criminal investigation,” New York State Police confirmed in a brief press release.

Law enforcement officials provided no other information.

“The Mayor is just learning about the events that unfolded this afternoon and have no more information than the rest of the community,” Rochester’s City Communications Director Justin Roj said in a Wednesday night statement, according to multiple local outlets.

“She hopes to learn more details this evening and will have a statement tomorrow.”

On an initial press release at the incident, “Troopers are investigating at 93 Woodman Park, the home of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. He says it’s an ongoing investigation and he didn’t take any questions.” State Police Capt. Barry Chase confirmed.

In addition, Warren was also indicted last year on felony fraud charges related to her campaign.

Sources: The GateWay Pundit, The New York Post, Insider Paper

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