It is kind of a bittersweet moment for me in telling you all this news. I remember when I was a much younger man I would oftentimes drive through areas where the only radio station that one could get was a local talk radio that was playing Rush Limbaugh.

I spend so many hours listening to that man talk that I could memorize the commercial reads. When I was in the military, I would have the show sent over to me on tape and I would listen to the same tapes over and over.

Since Rush’s passing, there have been a lot of people that have tried to step up and fill a void that can’t truly be filled with our friend Rush gone. Hopefully, the pick for his replacement will be able to carry the torch that he carried for so many years…

ALL ACCESS has confirmed that PREMIERE NETWORKS is pairing evening host BUCK SEXTON and FOX SPORTS RADIO morning host CLAY TRAVIS as the replacement show for “THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW.” “THE CLAY TRAVIS & BUCK SEXTON SHOW” will air noon-3p (ET) weekdays beginning JUNE 21st.

PREMIERE has been feeding a combination of LIMBAUGH clips and guest hosts since LIMBAUGH’s death in FEBRUARY.

The move comes as competing syndicators have picked up several former LIMBAUGH affiliates choosing to move forward with a new show in the time slot more quickly, including WESTWOOD ONE’s aggressive launch of DAN BONGINO, COMPASS MEDIA NETWORKS’ MARKLEY, VAN CAMP AND ROBBINS, RADIO AMERICA’s DANA LOESCH, and today’s announcement by COX MEDIA GROUP that ERICK ERICKSON’s WSB-A-WSBB (95.5 WSB)/ATLANTA show will be nationally syndicated as well.

“I’ve loved spending the past six years building ‘OUTKICK THE COVERAGE’ into one of the most-listened-to sports talk shows in the country, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join BUCK SEXTON as we launch this new program in the most coveted timeslot in the talk format,” said TRAVIS in a release to affiliates.

“While no one will ever replace RUSH LIMBAUGH, BUCK and I are excited to continue advancing the causes he held dear, most importantly American exceptionalism, a fervent embrace of capitalism, and a belief in a robust marketplace of ideas. At a time of rabid cancel culture and toxic identity politics, we will be the voice for many who feel scared to say what they think for fear of the censorious online mob. We can’t wait to get started.”

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