After Her Latest Move, Liz Cheney Should Be Given The BOOT!

This top-listed GOP traitor should have been expelled from Congress…

If you think of GOP traitors, you can list names like John McCain, Mitt Romey, and George Bush. Liz Cheney just made it to the top of that list with just one move!

She should be expelled from Congress for such action, as we all know, Liz recently lost all of her GOP leadership roles, but she needs more punishment than that.

Reports said that Rep. Liz’s simmering hatred has always been bubbling so much to the point that she put together a plan to try and make sure President Trump would not be re-elected, utilizing his father and his connections to make such things happen. What a piece of work. Isn’t?

Liz Cheney secretly rounded up 10 living former defense secretaries and even Trump’s first defense secretary Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis and convinced them to write a WAPO op-ed, warning of Trump’s “plans” to politicize the military.

This dirty little traitorous secret has been exposed in the New Yorker, of all places.

In my opinion, this roots for her disqualification from Congress and kicked out of the Republican Party. Being considered as one of the most traitorous moves a Republican has made against President Trump.

America First Republican Party should never make a room for a relic traitor Liz Cheney as she needs to go in all sense of the word – banished, exiled, and ousted.

Furthermore, there is also no room for Kevin McCarthy – which this man is literally “bunking” with a liberal Google lobbyist who hates Trump and lies about his polls: Frank Luntz.

Furthermore, We MUST eliminate these traitors and frauds from the party if we ever hope to defeat the Dems because we cannot do it while these sneaky RINOs are crawling around.

Sources: WayneDupree, The New Yorker

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