The Georgia Results Are About To Be Uncertified!

John Fredricks is a Georgia radio host who is closely associated with Steve Bannon, and they both made an appearance on the War Room podcast on Monday in order to make an update regarding the original Georgia results. Apparently, there are now six election witnesses who are alleging that 30,000 (that’s thousand with a T) ballots were totally fake and shouldn’t have been counted, nor should they have been certified.

If this is true, then the ramification of this could be YUGE, and it would mean that Georgia election officials would have no choice but to completely overturn the election results and de-certify them immediately.

Fredricks explained that there are “now two State Senators, both Republicans and by the name of Beach and Jones, and they are calling for an investigation. They want the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to do a side-by-side audit of all of the absentee ballots.”

Fredricks asked the other War Room participants, “Were there counterfeit ballots?” and he went on to say that there are now six affidavits from veteran election officials that are insisting that at least 30,000 of these 147,000 of these questionable ballots are indeed fake!”

He went on to claim that someone “printed these fake ballots on a machine and then ran them through a vote-counting machine that isn’t real at all, and these ballots are not connected or attached to anybody.”

Fredricks explained that the one thing about these ballots that aroused his suspicion would be the fact that all of these ballots were not folded and it was simply not possible for mail-in ballots NOT to be folded. They have to be folded, simple as that.

These findings appear to fall in lockstep with testimony that was given during the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in December 2020.

Of course, this also sounds eerily similar to the video of testimony given in Michigan (see video below). Additionally, Fredricks told Bannon that out of over 900 military ballots turned in, ALL OF THEM were marked for Biden. “What are the odds of that?” Fredericks asked rhetorically, and he answered his own question with a resounding answer of “virtually impossible!”

Furthermore, the same thing happened in Michigan, and what are the odds of something TOTALLY IDENTICAL happening in another state? President Trump retweeted the testimony of Patty, who was one of the election officials in Michigan. How could this even possibly be a coincidence AT ALL?

When you consider the fact that President Trump completely shattered the record for votes for any sitting president, how is it possible that he lost by SIX MILLION VOTES? Let me tell you, it’s every bit as improbable as Biden winning all of the military ballots in Georgia.

What do you think about some of the shady election dealings going on in Georgia? Your comments are appreciated.


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