Bette Midler Tried To Go Woke And Fell FLAT On Her Face!

Bette Midler continues to try to go “woke” so that she will stay relevant even though she is now just a “B-List” celebrity. However, her attempts to do this continue to backfire on her. Midler wrote a tweet last month where she was threatening to expose children to peanuts unless they get vaccinated, and predictably, everyone thought she had gone nuts. Midler continued her streak of venting outrageous, left-wing vitriol with a post last Tuesday depicting a cartoon that was titled “White Rage Has Always Gotten a Free Pass” where she compared the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre to the January 6th Capitol riot.

How Did Folks Respond?

Considering that she is a left-wing high priestess, Midler does have her share of fans. Indeed, this tweet received 11,000 likes.

On the other hand, Bette Midler received her share of backlash for the comparison within the cartoon and for the nasty way that she aired her sentiments. Denver radio talk show host Ross Kaminsky said that Midler was “remarkably moronic”, and he wasn’t the only one who reacted that way.

“Capitol Hill didn’t have any smoke over it on 1/6,” one commenter said to Midler. “That was just smoke coming from your bong.”

“You are probably deliberately lying, or you are just a brainwashed cult woman…it could be both but either one is a terrible look,” another comment read.

“You definitely have some conveniently selective memory going on there,” another commenter said.

Another user posed this question: “So everyone that has actually been arrested and investigated for what happened on January 6th is just getting a free pass? How does this line up with all of the protesters in Portland being released without being prosecuted regardless of how many times they have tried to burn down a building with people in it?” Good point, even if I do say so myself! “Democrats continue to get a ‘free pass’ even though they are the ones who started the Klu Klux Klan. They have incentivized the destruction of the black family through the element of welfare. All you would have to do is just a little research, Bette, to find out these things. Are you that ignorant, or are you pushing an agenda?”

“Disgusting,” another user wrote. “All you are doing is trivializing the Tulsa tragedy and just using it as a political prop. You are demeaning those who suffered in that tragedy. The only homicide of note is that on January 6th there was an unarmed female vet who was killed by a Capitol police officer. You were using her death as a prop as well. Just vile.”

“The cognitive deficiency that you have revealed in this tweet is just staggering,” another commenter said. “I am not sure how people can navigate themselves through the world carrying a burden of such sheer stupidity.”

Anything Else?

Miller is a very famous individual and she mostly made her mark as a singer with such hits as “Wind Beneath My Wings.” However, in recent years she has become every bit as famous for her draconian criticism of anyone who disagrees with her liberal views. To wit:

In February, Bette Midler declared that God was delivering a punishment to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz when he delivered an unprecedented winter state in Cruz’s home state of Texas. She also said a day later that the conservative icon Rush Limbaugh was in hell.

She urged Presidential candidate Joe Biden in last year’s presidential debate to “kick him [Trump] in the nuts! Then do it again for the 200,000 people he has killed!’

Last August, Midler was forced to issue a half-hearted apology after she called then-first-lady Melania Trump an “illegal alien” during the Republican National Convention, but she later said, “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”

Finally, in 2019, she brutally criticized Ted Cruz as “spineless” due to his response to a mass killing in Texas.

What do you think about some of the ridiculous political stunts that Bette Midler has pulled? Feel free to add your thoughts!


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