Sleepy Joe Has Been Caught In Another Big Lie!

“My dad used to say, ‘Joey…’ — and I swear to God, when he left Scranton, when the coal died — my dad was not a — he was — he was a salesperson; he wasn’t a coal miner. My great-grandpop was.” – Biden’s remarks in Dearborn, Mich.

Another make-up story of Joe Biden about his great-grandfather being a coal miner.

It reminded some people of an incident in Biden’s first campaign, in 1988, when he claimed his ancestors were coal miners in a speech that proved to be plagiarized. So what about his great-grandfather?

On Tuesday, 78-year-old Joe Biden traveled to Dearborn, Michigan to visit the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

Biden promoted his highly unpopular $2 trillion infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with the infrastructure that includes $174 billion to develop electric vehicles.

At one point Joe Biden repeated the lie that his “great grandpop” was a coal miner.

None of Biden’s great grandfathers were coal miners.

Of course, the fake news media won’t call Biden out for his lies.

Watch it here: GOP War Room/Youtube

Biden also tripped over his tongue and jumbled his words.

“Our own department of energy pioneered and transformed the “battery injury” while Barack and were in office,” Biden said.

Watch it here: GOP War Room/Youtube

Sources: The Gateway Pundit,

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