Rachel Maddow Caught Trying To Ruin A True Patriot’s Career!

Not many people were aware of this since all the attention was on General Michael Flynn, but he has a brother.

Now, that brother of his is pretty big in the military. He is so up in the food chain that he was actually just put in charge of the entire Pacific fleet.

That brother of Micheal is named Charles Flynn and Biden has tapped him for this pretty awesome post which has more people wondering if Biden actually is in charge.


Cause the left is in absolute meltdown mode over the fact that another Flynn is in charge after they did all they could to destroy one.

Look at these panicky tweets:

Of course, there are plenty more where that came from and yes, they are hysterical to read since you can literally feel the panic all over them.

However, what is even better than reading these dread-filled tweets is seeing Rachel Maddow literally have an absolute fit over it all on national television.

DAMN, she or he is really losing it!

Watch here on Rumble:

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