Deep State Enforcers ARRESTED This Pastor While He Was Preaching The Gospel!

The witchhunt from the January 6 so-called “riots” are out of control at this point and I am over it.

There is not one reason at all that anyone should be arrested for entering the Capitol building since it is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

The people they are arresting did not commit any type of vandalism to the property at all but yet the remembers of Antifa and the BLM walk free after burning cities down.

I am sick and tired of the double standards by those in power and what I am even more tired of is the spineless Republicans that allow it to happen.

If you aren’t fired up by now then I truly pray that this will do it for you.

A 73-year-old Vietnam Veteran and pastor James Cusick was arrested at his Florida home for being in the Capitol building.

This honorable man did not commit any acts of violence at all or was seen desecrating the property but he was still arrested.

Not only was James arrested but so was his son Casey and right in front of his upset 3-year-old who was asking why they were locking her dad’s hands up.

Here is more from The Gateway Pundit:

The arrests took place on Thursday morning.

“This morning I saw a sheriff pull up in our driveway with his lights on and there was about four or five other cars with them,” his daughter Staci told the Gateway Pundit. “They came up to our front door and I told my dad to go answer it. As he started towards the door they started banging and banging and saying ‘open up we have a warrant.’ He opened the door and they asked him his name and to step outside.”

Staci explained that the officers saw her standing in the kitchen and demanded that she also go outside. When she got into the front yard she saw them telling her elderly father to turn around and proceeded to handcuff him.

The Cusick family
The Cusick family

“They asked me my name and I told them I was his daughter Staci. They said they were not looking for me, but told me to put my hands on the back of the sheriff’s vehicle. My dad asked what it was about and they told him it was because he entered the Capitol building on January 6.”

James Cusick was shocked, she said, to find out what the arrest was about. When he was at the Capitol he was friendly with officers, who directed him to a bathroom. His daughter says that they never told him to leave. He began to defend himself, but the agents and sheriffs reminded him that everything he says can be used against him and to wait until he has a lawyer.

“I asked him if they would take the handcuffs off of him because I was upset seeing my 73-year-old father in handcuffs. They said no,” Staci said.

After a search and some questioning, they took Staci and her father inside and asked him to get the clothing items he wore that day, which he did.

They also asked him to get his passport and told Staci to bring it to court when she goes to pick him up after his arraignment. She was told that he will be tried in the state of Virginia or Washington, DC.

“I told them that my dad is a veteran and he has never ever been in trouble with the law. They told me that they understand that, but ‘he did break the law,’” she said. “I told them my dad is opposed to any type of vandalism and that he never even saw any when he was there. When he was standing there in the Capitol, the police or guards, not sure which they were, were talking to him and being kind. They showed him where the bathrooms were. Nobody was telling them to get out. There was never any type of warning that they were breaking the law. None of that was happening.”

Photographs from the Department of Justice back up Cusick’s story and show him casually speaking with officers.

The Cusick family

“They said that they understand that and that they’re ‘not the bad guys, we’re just here doing what we’re told,’” Staci said. “My dad loves this country. He volunteered to go to Vietnam and fight. He served 16 months there proudly. He has taken so many kids on trips to Washington, DC, to let them see this great country. He’s very passionate about this nation. He’s a pastor and he holds the Constitution in a very high regard. He hates what is happening to this country, but he would never vandalize or harm any government property, or anything for that matter. He’s a very upstanding man and I was devastated to see him taken away.”


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