The End May Be Near For Big Tech!

It has been getting out of control with big tech companies for a long time now and it seems we have reached the pinnacle with these corporations.

Every one of us at some point has experienced a run-in with social media sites. There have been so many of my friends who have reported, including myself being censored, banned and in some cases having accounts completely shut down.

These tech companies have been instrumental in controlling the flow of information which is so important to our nation. They are stifling us with their iron grip around our throats and making sure that we do not have freedom on these sites and it is only getting worse.

We all know that these companies heavily lean left and will do anything to ensure that their perverted ideology is the only one heard.

In all reality, I am not a big fan of government interference at all but something needs to be done.

These corporations are destroying the very fabric of our nation allowing these big tech companies to essentially mold our youth with  Marxist ideals and not giving liberty-minded people the same privilege.

Now, that may be happening as those in the office are speaking out and agreeing that something needs to be done, especially after President Trump has been banned from social media.

Here’s more on the story:

The New York Post reports:

The House Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to require Big Tech platforms to sell lines of business they run on their platforms if they also compete against them, wrapping up two days of votes that saw the approval of four measures directly aimed at reining in the power of some of the country’s most successful companies.

The bill passed the committee on a vote of 21-20.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), chair of the antitrust subcommittee, said the bill forcing Big Tech to choose between running a platform and competing on it was needed because the tech giants had not played fairly. “Google, Amazon and Apple each favor their own products in search results, giving themselves an unfair advantage over competitors,” he said.

Politico reports:

The 3 p.m. vote on H.R. 3825 (117) — the Ending Platform Monopolies Act — came one day and five hours after the committee first began a marathon series of debates and votes on six bills targeting Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

The break-up bill was the most controversial part of the antitrust package, drawing opposition from four of the committee’s Democrats and only eking out approval on a 21-20 vote. The measure garnered yes votes from two Republicans: Reps. Ken Buck of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Democrat Cori Bush of Missouri — who originally opted to vote present — changed her vote to push the legislation through. Three other members present for the rest of the markup didn’t take part in the final vote: Democrats Lucy McBath of Georgia and Deborah Ross of North Carolina and Republican Burgess Owens of Utah, who had voted in favor of several of the other antitrust measures.

The antitrust push has triggered a huge lobbying fight by the tech companies and their trade groups against the proposals. It’s also split both the Democrats and Republicans, with members of both parties fighting for and against the legislation.

Will something happen with this?

I truly hope so but that means the Republicans in office will have to grow a set and not cower to the left and their bullying tactics at all.

What do you think?


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