What This Mother Says The COVID Trials Did To Her Daughter Is Absolutely Horrifying!

On Monday, US Senator Ron Johnson conducted a press conference at the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with families who have been affected by the COVID vaccine.

Johnson used his position in Congress to advocate for untested COVID-19 treatments and publicly stated that he won’t get vaccinated. This week he faced further criticism for an event he hosted highlighting those who claimed that they have suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Johnson claimed he is pro-vaccine during a roundtable in Milwaukee on Monday, acknowledging that more than 300 million doses have been provided to individuals and that “the vaccine has been given with little or no side effects for the vast majority of people.”

On the other hand, Johnson also stated that he intended to convey the experiences of persons who had side effects. He was accompanied by around a half-dozen people who have experienced side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. None of the speakers were from Wisconsin, and they all claimed identical symptoms such as paralysis and neurological impairments in the days following the vaccine.

Johnson’s presentation was heavily panned, with government officials and health-care specialists urging him to postpone it. Many individuals are concerned that statements like this may prevent people from getting vaccinated.

The CDC recently stated that they were discovering more incidences of uncommon heart inflammation in young adults who had received the COVID immunization than predicted.

Last week, the CDC also admitted that more young people have been hospitalized from the COVID vaccine than from the COVID virus.

Several families described the traumas they’ve experienced after getting the vaccine on Monday.

Stephanie de Garay, a mother from Cincinnati, Ohio, sobbed as she narrated the story of her daughter, Maddie de Garay, who’s a 12-year-old vibrant, healthy young woman until participated in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial in December 2020 and January 2021, Maddie developed serious side effects after receiving her second dosage of the vaccine, causing repeated hospitalizations.

This was a heartbreaking testimony.

Below is the list of the Participants:

Ken and Sheryl Ruettgers 

A former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman, Ken, and his wife, Sheryl, who received the Moderna vaccine in January 2021.Sheryl experienced severe neurological symptoms four days after getting the first dose, including muscle discomfort, numbness, weakness, and paresthesia, which continue to limit her capacity to live a normal life.

Kristi Dobbs

In January 2021, Kristi, a dental hygienist from Webb City, Missouri, received the Pfizer Covid vaccination. She’s had a slew of serious adverse effects since getting the vaccine, including discomfort, paresthesia, and heart palpitations.

Brianne Dressen

From Saratoga Springs, Utah, Brianne, a preschool teacher received the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccination in November 2020 as part of a clinical trial. She has now suffered severe side effects from the vaccine, resulting in a medical expenditure of more than $250,000.

Candace Hayden

In March 2021, Candace from Detroit, Michigan, received both doses of the Moderna vaccination. She developed paresthesia and partial paralysis from the chest down in April, necessitating a month in the hospital and weeks of physical therapy.

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