There Was One Key Thing That Proves Fauci Was Lying!

We all need to be praying for Rand Paul as he goes up against the swamp creature that we all know as Dr. Fauci.

Paul has been the only one to continue hounding and asking Fauci about his role in the COVID-19 virus fiasco that has destroyed the global economy and caused havoc on everyone in one way or another.

Fauci knows he was involved in it all and he knows we know too.

We have seen the emails, buddy.

So, as Paul has been hammering Fauci we all noticed something which makes it abundantly clear that Fauci is scared to death.

We know that innocent people who have a clear conscience have nothing to hide, right?

They have nothing to sweat about or squirm over.

However, people who commit horrific crimes against humanity do and that is what we are seeing in the body language of Fauci.

What I am talking about is trembling hands as Paul grills Fauci over his role in the virus.

Watch the exchange here and pay close attention to his hands:

Four more here:

The full exchange:


And now a zoom in on the hands….

Watch it here on Rumble:

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