ANOTHER Camera Angle Proves What Biden Said And It’s SCARY!

In case you missed it, Joe Biden had another major gaffe that was caught on camera for the whole world to see.

Of course, there are tons of people making tons of excuses for Biden but if they could just take off their militant leftists hat and see that he is clearly sick.

Yesterday, Biden walked up to a group of reporters and announced, “My butt’s been wiped!”

Yes, this is what we are looking at now, but at least it isn’t the big mean orange man anymore.

I totally am joking a little but it actually is a HUGE STORY that is all over the internet.

As I mentioned above, there are people saying on Twitter and Facebook that the clip was edited or he was mocking the reporters since he couldn’t hear them over the chopper.

The clip wasn’t slowed down or sped up to distort what he was saying at all. This is what he said and it isn’t a joke.

Biden has dementia or he is senile or may he has Alzheimer’s but whatever it is this is not the comments of a healthy man.

Watch three different cuts right here, I’ve uploaded the video to Rumble:

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