Biden’s Top COVID Advisor Admits Masks DO NOT WORK!

So after months of people on social media banning people who said that the masks and face coverings that people were wearing did not work, a top Biden official confirms us all right.

I wonder if we will all get an apology bouquet of flowers delivered to our doors?

Nope, not a chance, but it sure does feel good to be vindicated, right?

However, I do wonder if the fact-checkers on Facebook will flag this saying it is “fake news”?

At any rate, for over a year we have said those flimsy face coverings are not going to stop this virus and people all over social media attacked us saying we were “grandma killers” and whatever else.

So many people stated that if you were going to wear a mask that would protect others it needed to be an N95 one, but the keyboard warriors and the talking heads on the news said just a face covering.

They told us to “follow the science” and we did but since we were using our own common sense and not regurgitating what the media told us we were called conspiracy theorists.

This is what brings me back to the original point that I stated at the beginning of this article.

Biden’s top advisor is admitting on CNN that the current masks don’t work and only an N95 mask will.

Shocker, right?

Watch the segment on CNN below:

People have quickly begun sharing this clip on social media.

It’s gotten many responses as well.

See some of our favorite ones below:

Fox News confirms:

Retired acting ICE director and Fox News contributor Tom Homan slammed President Biden for allowing the U.S. border to remain “wide open” while urging Americans to continue holding themselves “accountable to COVID.” Homan told “Fox & Friends First,” Monday, the act of having “released hundreds of COVID-positive people into the interior” shows “incompetence at the highest level” from the Biden administration.

TOM HOMAN: The northern border we have with Canada is still closed because of COVID and the southern border is wide open. And you’re right, I mean, ICE already had 7,500 positive COVID cases run through their system. Right now, as we’re speaking, they have nearly 1,200 active cases in custody right now that came across that border. And what really scares me is that nearly 300,000 got away this year.

Those who escaped border apprehension, how many of them had COVID? And we already know the U.S. government on purpose has released hundreds of COVID-positive people into the interior by either a bus ticket or a plane ticket and release them into the United States. This is simply incompetence at the highest level. At the same time, they’re talking about Americans masking up. They’re talking about door-to-door vaccinations, the U.S. citizens being held accountable to COVID but the southwest border is wide open.

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