New Report Reveals They Are Planning To Swap Biden For Hillary!

The crisis in Afghanistan has made even the staunchest of Biden supporters scratch their heads at this time.

There may only be 10 or so of them, but they do not understand what Biden just did in the world. Seriously, how can Biden bumble this up so badly when he had a clear plan on his desk that he could have used but decided to burn it and create the biggest foreign policy disaster that we have seen in the last 20 years?

Could this be the biggest bait and switch operation ever done before?

We are all painfully aware of how badly the Democrats wanted this senile, old man in office and why would that be?

Obviously, he has handlers and that can only go so far before Biden shows just how gone he truly is and they can’t hide it from the public anymore. So, hear me out, what if they then implement the 25th amendment, oust Biden, install Kamala Harris, and are you ready for the kicker?

Then install Hillary Clinton as vice president.

Yeah, it is so crazy that it could be true.


Take a look:

NOQ Report explains:

We don’t make a habit out of publishing unconfirmed rumors, but the source of this particular rumor has been rock-solid in the past. This person, who has ties to the DNC, rightly informed me that both Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg would end their campaigns inexplicably before Super Tuesday during last year’s Democratic primary.

The text from the source reads, “Stay tuned. Team Kamala is quietly visiting Cabinet members in person to test the appetite for 25A in light of Taliban. [Chief of Staff Ron] Klain and other Biden loyalists left out but surprised others seem ready and willing. It could happen next week.”

Kamala Harris has been conspicuously away from the public eye ever since the Taliban took control of Kabul and the entire nation of Afghanistan. She has distanced herself from the whole debacle and reportedly refused to stand by Joe Biden when he addressed the nation Monday.

See what I mean? Now here is where it gets even more interesting.

Joe Biden held a quick presser earlier. There was not one mention of the Afghanistan crisis. There are reports that he has not spoken to any foreign leaders about the chaotic situation.

However, can you guess who is speaking to allies about the Afghanistan crisis?


After the White House said Biden wasn’t calling foreign leaders, Canada’s Justin Trudeau made this announcement:

Why is Trudeau talking to Hillary and not Biden?

Suspiciously, the Clintons were spotted in Canada this week.

Maybe that explains why Trudeau dropped Hillary’s name in his press conference.

But who seriously believes Bill & Hillary were only there for ‘vacation?’

This could indicate something fishy going on behind the scenes.

The calls for Biden to resign grow louder as the Afghanistan crisis unfolds.

Reports also indicate fighting between Biden & Kamala in the White House:

So what do you think?


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