Colleges Now Withholding Basic Learning Tools From The Unvaxxed!

The COVID hysteria continues as we are heading into the fall months and it doesn’t appear to be dying out any time soon. Instead of people getting back to normal, government officials are doubling down with more restrictions on Americans’ “rights” back.

As the COVID vaccine has been rolled out it has become more of a “get the shot or else” instead of “your body, your choice”. Sadly, freedom isn’t in the American vernacular anymore or personal liberty since it may affect someone else which makes no sense whatsoever.

If you are scared of the virus then stay home and do what you can to protect yourself but stop bullying people into accepting an experimental medical procedure to assuage your fear.

Makes sense, right?

Apparently, that memo has been lost at Quinnipiac University where the tyrants say that if you don’t get the jab, you don’t get wifi and on top of that these “lepers” will have to pay hefty fines.

Regardless of whether you paid for your tuition or not, you can attend school based on your vaccine status.


Maybe they can also etch the letters of “UV” on the chest so everyone knows they are unvaccinated too.

Here’s the story according to CNN:

Quinnipiac University officials are cracking down on students who have not met the university deadline for providing their Covid-19 vaccine information with fines and suspension of Wi-Fi access.

Quinnipiac’s email included a fee schedule for students who do not comply with the university’s vaccine requirement.

The university will fine students weekly for failing to provide their vaccine documentation, for a maximum of $2,275 for the semester, according to the email.

…“If a student still has not fulfilled the vaccination requirement by September 14, they will lose access to the Quinnipiac network and Wi-Fi,” said the email to students.


What’s next? Starve and beat them too?

For years, we feared that communism would come from another country or an invasion but that was not the case. In fact, instead of coming from a foreign land they were right here in our own backyard and infiltrated our schools.

Rush Limbaugh said that the halls of academia would be the biggest threat and it is absolutely true, but this has been the plan for many years.

If you haven’t researched Operation Paperclip yet, I would suggest you look that up and use Duck Duck Go since Google won’t show it.


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