WOW! Trump Just Landed A Gut Shot On Joe Biden! [VIDEO]

There are some days that searching over news articles to present to you all is an absolute joy. The articles will fire me up and seeing so many of your responses gives me hope for a brighter and better tomorrow, but today it feels overwhelming.

I truly miss the days when Trump was in office and knew that he had things under control and was doing what he could to protect our nation. However, now with Joe Biden in office, it feels almost like a lost cause and we are just tumbling down farther and farther from the greatness we once were.

Thankfully, there are some amazing patriots still out there fighting the good fight for all of us and that includes Donald J. Trump.

Just recently, Trump released a new video called “Surrender in Chief” from his Save America Pac.

The video compilation is absolutely heartbreaking as it complies with the footage of what is happening in Afghanistan and the Biden administration’s response.

The beginning of the video shows the cost of inflation and then goes into Biden stating on camera that the Taliban would not be able to take over the country. It then transitions into a current news report announcing that the Taliban did in fact take over the country.

Then it just gets worse.

It shows the utter anguish that the people in Afghanistan are facing and the ineptitude of Biden and his response to it all.

You can watch the video here:

Instead of everyone calling Biden sleepy it seems fitting to rename him as “surrender Joe” since that is exactly what he is doing.

Biden has surrendered to the Taliban and our country to those who seek to destroy it from within and we are called the terrorists.


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