GRAPHIC Video Shows Taliban Using U.S. Blackhawk Helicopter To Hang Someone!

When Joe Biden was installed as the president of the United States, there were so many diehard liberals posting on social media how much safer they felt. These libtards were actually in relief that the “mean orange man was gone with his mean tweets” and his brash behavior, and I wonder if they are still feeling that way right now.

Over the last couple of weeks we have watched the horror unfold in Afghanistan and of course, the Biden supporters are eerily quiet.

Why is that?

Are they seeing that the man they thought would save the nation from the evil of Trump is not that great?

You remember how they all claimed that Trump would plunge us into a world war, but it seems that is exactly what Biden is doing, and that is not all.

What we are seeing happening in Afghanistan is a precursor to more to come and the reports from that region are getting worse by the day. In an absolutely horrible video that was posted on Twitter, it shows the Taliban using a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter to hang someone.

This is happening under Biden’s leadership.

This hanging comes after the last U.S. completely withdrew all troops from the ground in Afghanistan.

It appears the Taliban is showing the Afghan people the consequences of treason and also taking a jab at the United States for leaving billions of dollars worth of equipment in Afghanistan.

Here’s the video, but first be warned the video is graphic:

Here are some pictures that were snapped too:

We Love Trump had this to say:

Under President, Trump America was winning but after watching this video it depicts that America is losing and it’s even sadder that the U.S. isn’t losing against superpowers like Russia or China but instead the U.S. is losing against a group of radical Islamic terrorists with AK 47’s.

Our brave troops didn’t lose the war in Afghanistan but the Biden administration is the ones who caused Afghanistan to turn into the major disaster it did.

‘The New York Times shared a tweet which goes into more details on all of the equipment that was lost in Afghanistan:


Oh, and here is another gem.

A video on Twitter shows the Taliban wearing American uniforms and looking at their new chinook helicopter provided by U.S. taxpayers:

So, when will impeachment be drawn up against Biden?



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