Pelosi Caught Doing Something That Might Tie Sleepy Joe’s Hands!

Just a couple of days ago, California Rep. Adam Schiff introduced a bill called the Protecting Our Democracy Act and it has a lot of people scratching their heads. First off, we are not a democracy and it is incredibly frustrating to have so-called leaders in the country call us that.

We are a Republic more specifically, a Democratic Republic.

Secondly, when in the world have Democrats ever wanted to relinquish power, and more importantly when have they offered up a smaller government approach when their guy is in office.

It all sounds incredibly suspicious to me and it appears to be a ruse.

On Friday, the results of the Arizona audit are supposed to be revealed, and not sure what that will tell but it seems that there is a preemptive strike by the Democrats.

Is it quite possible that they are aware that the election results could show that Joe Biden did not really win? The left may be noticing that the results would be decertified and show to the world that Donald Trump did win?

Of course, Schiff and Pelosi are spinning this saying that they are doing this since Trump was awful.

According to Schiff, “Donald Trump made this legislation a necessity, but this is bigger than about any one particular president, the former president trampled many of our sacred norms and institutions, violating laws and breaking long-standing precedent with shocking ease.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added, “There’s been a slow movement, but it picked up steam” under Trump “Our founders in their wisdom to have checks and balances and separation of power, and they had guardrails for the president. And one of them was the Congress of the United States.”

Yeah, it totally seems suspicious to me and I am sure you are thinking the same thing.

Is it possible that they are doing this in anticipation of Trump coming back to the White House or is based on Biden’s incompetence?

Who knows at this point but I would love to hear your thoughts!

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